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10 ways to convert a bonus room into usable space

1. Get work done in the ultimate home office

Now that work from home has become a normal part of many people’s lives, creating a dedicated home office is the perfect solution to all your privacy and productivity needs. Home offices can provide that much-needed peace and quiet to increase focus and get work done.

The latest design trends include bright, clean, sleek, and modern fixes. Installing bookshelves can add depth and character and bringing in office chairs, throw pillows, plants, and rugs can complement your desk to add a splash of colour and texture. Of course, you are going to want to make it your own by adding personal photos and small mementos that keep you inspired.

2. Design an arts & craft room that inspires

For the creative in you, an arts and crafts room can act as a sanctuary to fuel inspiration and innovation. Every artist knows the key to a solid art room starts with good organisation. Begin by adding built-in shelving and fill them with different-sized storage baskets to fit artist supplies of all shapes and sizes.

For spare walls, a mounted pegboard is the perfect piece to keep tools such as scissors, wrenches, or hammers within arm’s reach. If you love to paint or make pottery, reserve a corner with natural light as you create on your easel or wheel. As you clean up your mess, installing a sink will help wash away all of the extra paint strokes or clay that may have been left behind. Finally, tying the room together with a statement wall can showcase the art you are most proud of.

3. Get creative in an in-home photography studio

From self-portraits to macro photography, having a home studio can save you a lot of money because you won’t need to rent out professional space. If you are a photographer that needs a creative outlet, consider turning your bonus room into a photography studio.

Every photographer knows the importance of using natural light. To make your photos pop, installing big windows to let in the sunshine can create the perfect light effect in your photos. If windows aren’t nearby, adding photo umbrellas and soft boxes is an innovative way to cast shadows and light contrasts while bringing in that studio feel.

For portraits and photoshoots, installing coloured backdrops can add a variety of textures and perspectives to your shots. If you are looking for some fun, add a prop bar with masks, wigs, and signs to bring out the wacky and playful side during a photo shoot. To tie the extra space together, creating a photo wall can showcase the shots you are most proud of.

4. Snuggle up with a good book in a cosy home library

If you ever want to get immersed in a story, a home library is a perfect place to do so. There are many different ways to create a reading sanctuary no matter how small or big your extra space is. Built-in shelves can add depth and storage for you to display all your favourite books.

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative, multimedia shelves designed to hold DVD and Blu-ray players can easily hold both hardbound and paperback books. If you don’t have many books, consider supporting your local bookshop and selecting 1-3 of your favourites monthly to begin building a collection.

5. Create tunes in a modern music room

The number one recommendation when creating a music room is soundproofing your walls. Using insulation between drywall and adding acoustic panelling can serve as a noise buffer and improve acoustic quality.

Once you’ve got the foundations set, bring in your favourite instruments. Adding a piano in the corner can be a beautiful statement piece. Showcasing your string collection of guitars, violins, banjos, a harp, and a ukulele can reveal the inner Rockstar in you. Bring it all together with a drum to create catchy beats.

6. Centre yourself in a peaceful zen room

Yoga and meditation can be a great way to recentre the mind and focus on your goals. Not to mention, it’s an easy extra space renovation. If minimalistic is what you are going for, consider adding a zen room for all your meditation and yoga needs.

To calm the mind, soft colours and pastels can bring about soothing effects that help you focus. Also, bringing in Himalayan salt lamps, air humidifiers, natural wood floors, plants, mirrors, rugs, and cushions can provide comfort and serenity as you take in all the sights and smells. If you want to go all out, a small indoor water feature can create white noise as you mediate the day away.

7. Watch a movie in a stylish home theatre

From thrillers to comedies and everything in between, turning your bonus room into a screening room is a wonderful idea for family movie nights, big sports games, or binging your favourite tv show. When creating a screening room, there are many factors you must control.

Insulation is key to limit how much sounds travel through the walls. Restricting ambient light is also important so that it does not interfere with video projection or glares onto a flat screen. If there is a nearby window, installing blackout curtains can solve this problem.

For good audio and video quality, surround sound speakers and high lumen video projectors can bring out the best scenes while you watch.

8. Entertain in a decked-out game room

Having a dedicated space to play is every gamer’s dream. Creating a game room is a relatively easy project that can be customised to fit your preferences. To host a competitive game night purchase shuffleboard, table tennis, or billiards. If you are into the classic arcade feel, pinball machines and old arcade games like Pacman can give your space a retro vibe. For the modern gamer, setting aside an area for a couch and TV is the perfect use of extra space to connect to their favourite video game console. Lastly, who doesn’t love a board games night? Make sure you set aside a corner for chess, Monopoly, or Catan. To really decorate the place, adding neon lights, video game posters, or even license plates can elevate the classic game room experience.

9. Work out in a functional home gym

Installing a home gym is a great and convenient way to stay active. To create a safe home gym, start by adding large mirrors against the walls so you can check your form and improve technique as you work out. The best thing about home gyms is that they are customisable. Depending on what you need, you can bring in different types of equipment such as squat racks, a dumbbell rack, weight plates, or a weight bench. If you are doing cardio, a stationary bike, treadmill, and jump rope can help you burn off some extra calories. If you are the type of person who gets sweaty easily, install a small air conditioning unit and a towel rack to keep you cool and sweat-free.

10. Let your kids have fun in a playroom

Ditch the amusement park and create a playroom wherein your kids can let their imagination run wild. Kid’s playrooms are a versatile option wherein you can create a space that fits their likings. Maybe your kid loves nature? Add an indoor treehouse with a swing and slide so that they can imagine themselves in the jungle.

If your kid is into space, decorating the room with stars, rockets, and astronauts can really make them feel like they are on the moon. To complement, small tables are a great addition for toys such as building blocks, cars, as well as colouring books and crafts. When clean-up time comes around, add a cubby bench with boxed storage to hide all unused items. For walls, consider using bright colours, playful wallpapers such as animal or plant prints, or you can even install a mural to draw attention.

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