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10 Ways To Show Your Home Some Love This Valentines Day

1. A bit of TLC goes a long way

We fall in love with our homes before we even move in. To you, your home is perfect; but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a little TLC every now and then.

Perhaps it’s the leaky tap in the kitchen or the scuff marks in the hall where the kids kick their shoes off. The hinge on the living room door squeaks and the trim on the landing is loose. Whatever it might be, there are minor annoyances in every home that are so easy to fix.

Make a note of what needs doing and schedule some time in to confront it. You’ll be surprised how good it will make you feel checking those things off your list!

2. Give dull spaces the kiss of life

Whether it’s an empty window sill, a blank wall or an eyesore that needs covering up, house plants and succulents are the best way to breathe life in to the home. It doesn’t matter if they’re real or fake. You can pick up some amazing faux-plants that look super real and don’t break the bank from loads of home stores or even supermarkets; and many studies have shown that greenery improves health and wellbeing.

3. Keep it in a box

Designers are becoming more and more innovative with storage solutions; from entire units that house linen baskets and interchangable cupboards and drawers, to creative free-standing boxes and baskets.

Whether it’s a trinket basket for keys or jewellery or a more unique storage solution, make use of these modern home-accessories to hide away excess clutter from your home. The space you gain will clear your mind and ultimately make a room more homely – in a contemporary way.

You can see from what the pictures we’ve chosen here how different storage solutions can be formed. A small wire basket is the perfect place to keep the books you’re currently reading; whilst in the second image you’ve got a mixture of crates (very rustic/chic), free-standing storage boxes and hexagonal shelving to house the little things that would otherwise make the room look untidy.

All of these things can be bought on a budget at local home stores, supermarkets or even charity shops.

P.S. Pinterest is a great place to begin looking for inspiration

4. Cuddle up on the sofa

Don’t be silly…we know you can’t physically cuddle your house. But you can make your home more comfortable and homely by adding cushions and throws. Not only are these additions great to snuggle down with, but they can hide a slightly worn couch (or that area where the kids drew on it with felt pen!).

You don’t need to keep it to the living room though…the garden sofa and the bedroom both appreciate the additional cushion too.

If you already have a nice range of cushions or pillows, there are loads of tips on Youtube to help bring the fluff back. While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

5. Let your passion run wild


Your artistic passion that is…

Paintings, sculptures, art – all of these just ad a bit of zhuzh to a room. It can be as simple as a cluster of family photographs or a selection of vintage postcards, to a full on mural or unique shelving. You do you…and your home will reap the benefits.

6. Make it feel good

Charity shops house a plethora of hidden treasures and it is a fantastic way to invest in some new decor for you whilst feeling good about giving back to your community.

You can find so many great things to spruce up blank areas of your home; including frames, small decorative items, fabrics and so on…you just have to make the time to look!

We have a special relationship with local charity, Guild Care, who have a range of shops housing furniture, decor, books and much more. Get creative and, without spending too much, you can renew various areas of your home. 

7. Set the mood

It’s time to woo your home…

Whether it’s indoors our outdoors, get the lighting right and your home can look completely different.

For ceiling lights that require shades, choose a colour or pattern that blends well with the rest of the room. Add dimmer switches for that extra homely feel as the nights draw in. Lamps are both decorative and homely – they look good during the day and provide just enough light in the evening to stop you falling asleep on your sofa (which by now is full of additional cushions, right?).

Finally, candles. We’re not sure what it is about them but a home with candles on display just feels more inviting; so what better way to reconnect with yours than to place a few carefully chosen candles in various rooms.

8. Smell the part

Smell is probably the most powerful of the senses. People can be quite literally driven in to a frenzy by something that smells great…so why should your home be any different?

Fall in love all over again every time you walk in the front door and are greeted by your favourite scent. Reed diffusers, essential oils, plug ins and room sprays are all widely available at local stores.

To rid cooking smells and such, spritz a little linen spray on beds, sofas and curtains as well. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make to your home-happiness.

9. Be inspired

We’ve already mentioned home stores, supermarkets, charity shops and pinterest as places to look for inspriation. But social media is a great tool to utilise if you’re looking to regain the spark in your home. You don’t have to be looking for a new property to follow us on Instagram; and this is one of the best places to go for decor ideas from real, local homes.

10. Flowers never fail

As with many relationships, a simple bunch of flowers can be the difference between a warm embrace or a cold one.

A classic vase filled with real, or fake, flowers can just add a little je-ne-sais-qoui to a room. They add colour, smell great and look beautiful. What an easy way to cheer up a dull room and put a smile on your face at the same time!

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