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8 Clever Ways To Utilise The Space In Your Home

1. Hallways and Landings

In most homes, the entrance hall is exactly that…just an entrance to the home. Very few people actually utilise the space available in this area of the home; but should you choose to, there are so many ways you can create extra storage.

We love what the vendor of this property did with numerous shelving units; creating an interesting, eye catching display of books, cds and dvds.

2. Unthought-Of Spaces

We bet, if you look around your home, there are areas of unused space everywhere. Nooks, alcoves, blank walls and corners…there are so many places in most properties that have useful little spaces that are ready and waiting to create more storage space for you.

This property in Lancing used one of their smaller spaces to store logs for their log-burner, and they made it look great! Why not check out our Pinterest board for more small-storage inspiration. 

3. Make use of shelving

Shelves can be both practical and pretty. You can use shelves as a way to display meaningful things in your home (rather than hiding those things away in boxes that will never get opened!) or you can use them in a practical sense, like this kitchen.

In a kitchen area, it’s great to have what you need accessible – like plates, which are used regularly so won’t collect dust! Other items that you may not use quite so regularly can then be hidden away in the free cupboard space you’ve just created.

The owners of the second property we’ve featured here have made good use of the small alcove in the bedroom by installing shelves in to the area to create additional storage. They’ve made the area a feature in this room by choosing to display items with personal meaning.

4. Kitchen Islands

If you have the space in your kitchen to install an island, even a small one, they can be a fabulous way to create extra cupboard space, worktop space and even eating space. You can even purchase islands on wheels nowadays, so if you’re nervous of making a permanent change, you don’t have to!

We love what the owners of this property in Worthing did with their island. It’s a completely different design to the rest of the kitchen units, making it a stunning feature of the room. Here they’ve used the additional space for their hob and created ample storage in the wall and base units.

5. Recesses, nooks and alcoves

In older buildings you tend to see a lot of recesses; whether that’s either side of a fireplace, a bay window or somewhere else in the home.

The owners of this property made great use of the area under their window in the front room, by creating additional seating. A fabulous place to sit and stare at the world or snuggle up with a good book.

Alcoved seating can be really special and you can even create more storage space by adding cupboards or an opening lid to the box beneath!

6. Outdoor Space

Because we live in England and the weather isn’t always predictable, not everyone makes the most of their outdoor areas. One thing that people with private gardens will almost certainly have is a shed.

But outdoor storage doesn’t necessarily have to be storage…

If you find yourself struggling for space in your home, or just because you want to, you can invest in an outbuilding for a fraction of what it would cost to extend your property.

We absolutely love this nautical themed shed/cabin our vendors created as an escape from the main home. Not only have they created a place to go to sit and relax, but as you can see there is ample room for someone looking for more storage.

Why not create a half a half outbuilding? Half for you, half for all your garden bits and bobs!

7. Additional Rooms

Conservatories have developed in to beautiful structures compared to what they used to be. If your budget allows, adding a conservatory to your home can create a lovely bright space and an additional room to your home.

We love that the owners of this property fully incorporate their conservatory as part of their home by using it as both a dining and lounge space.

8. Under the stairs

We’ve saved our favourite ’til last here…

The owners of this property had the ingenious idea to store their wine in a built-in wine fridge under the stairs!

Of course, you may not need the space for your booze…but the area under your stairs can be utilised in so many ways; from seating areas to shelves and cupboards.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for understairs inspiration.

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